So… I’m a Police fan. I LOVE The Police. They are musician’s musicians (just please… don’t request “Every Breath You Take at a wedding… unless you have a pretty good sense of humor). The definitive collection for any Police lover is the “Message in a Box” boxed set which has most of the stuff that they’ve recorded. Unfortunately I got into the Police after they disbanded. I have seen Sting before doing his own thing in San Jose (actually… he kind of went back to his roots, just him, drums, and two guitars, nothing else and they mostly played Police tunes). Sting ALWAYS has top notch musicians but none of them compare to the sound that comes out of The Police with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers. Well, you better believe that I was there when they came through Boston and played at Fenway Park last month. It was a fantastic show. Stewart Copeland is a total monster (he also looks like a total goofball when he plays but so what… I look like a goofball…. period). Ironically… my Police experience wasn’t over after the concert. After going back to my car I found one of those bright orange presents under my wiper blade. No parking on Monday’s 12:00 AM… street cleaning. D’OH!!! Had I only left a 1/2 hour earlier. LOL Oh well. I’m an idiot!

Now, musically speaking the police was enough to make my year BUT… last week Lisa Loeb came through my hometown and performed at Tupelo Music Hall. The nice thing about Tupleo is that the venue is small and intimate. 240 people by my estimate. How cool is that? I thought that the Fillmore in San Francisco was an intimate room but nothing beats Tupelo. Lisa was of course awesome and she has a great sense of humor as well. I also discovered a new name that night… Amber Rubarth (I want to say “Amber Rubarb”) who was also fantastic. Her lyrics are really fun and she just has this really nice lush falsetto. If you’re into folk, check her out. Had enough? Wait, there’s more! Jonatha Brooke is coming back to Tupelo again (I saw her there last year) and I’m definitely going to be there. If you like Lisa Loeb you’d probably like Jonatha Brooke. I’d recommend 10 cent wings and Steady Pull to start with. One of the things I like about Jonatha’s sound is that she uses A LOT of alternate guitar tunings. That might not mean anything to you if you’re not a music geek but check her out anyway. I think you’ll notice that something is a bit different (and refreshing).

Finally… it was almost a mind blowing year for reunions with the announcement of David Lee Roth getting back together with Van Halen but… no, it’s not Van Halen. I want to see Michael Anthony as well. 🙁 It’s not VH without David, Eddie, Alex, and Michael. Hrrrumph! I saw them in the nineties with Sammy and a then 4 year old Wolfgang ran out on stage quickly followed by Valerie Bertinelli who swooped in and scooped him up. I’m just not sure I could take ’em seriously with Wolfgang on bass. Alright, enough random blabbering. Back to weddings!
Cheers, Joe