Hi everyone. Updates are coming soon! For the time being I wanted to bring something to your attention. Longwood Events owns venues such as Veronique in Brookline, MA; the Belle Mer in Newport, RI; the State Room in Boston, MA; and Wychmere on Cape Cod. They have some rather unusual business practices and policies, policies which in my opinion severely constrain your practical options for which vendors you have to choose from. Friend and Colleague Alicia Williams of Cordele Photography has over the past 2 years, been following what these policies are. If you’re considering a wedding at Longwood Events, be sure to ask questions about their policies with regards to hiring vendors that are not on their list as it could potentially end up costing you significantly more to get the vendors you want, than if you were to book with another venue. Alicia has put together a post on her blog detailing their policies. You can read it here.

If you’re looking for ideas on other venues to choose from, have a look through my past blog posts. There are certainly no shortage of beautiful wedding venues in the New England area that do not place any constraints on whom you choose to have for your vendors.