Hi everyone. Well, I think it’s official. I am the worst blogger in the world. I’ve been hoping to update the blog for so long now but I’ve just been SWAMPED with album designs… and digging out from under all this snow! This will be a quick post but I just wanted to tell everyone about some exciting news. We now have a shiny new large format inkjet printer in house which means we’re going to be offering some exciting new products in terms of fine art prints. Well, if you were paying attention you probably saw the word “inkjet” and thought “ewww, yuck”! Well, this is not your father’s inkjet. Our new printer features 12 archival quality, water resistant pigment based inks and is capable of producing archival prints that last anywhere from 95 years to 300 years based upon the type of paper used. Being a professional large format printer it cannot only handle regular lustre and glossy papers but it can also handle thick stock cotton and fiber based papers, matte board, and even canvas (and the canvas prints are nothing short of stunning)!!! The colors are absolutely amazing and the image quality goes far beyond ANYTHING you’ve ever seen from your typical photographic print. If you’re a big fan of black and white prints you’ll be blown away by what you see!!! If you’re interested in ordering a fine art print from your wedding give me a shout. OK, that’s it for now.