Hi Everyone. It’s about 3 AM on Christmas Day (well, when I originally wrote this it was… I found a few bugs so here we are a few days later LOL ) and I’m finally writing my very first blog entry. Since we’re in the off season I imagine it will be a little slow going at first but I’m hoping that once the blog entries accumulate that this will give me clients a reason to come back, visit, and say hello from time to time. I’m also hoping that it will help future clients get to know me a little better as well. If you have any questions about photography or planning weddings in general please feel free to drop me an email or give me a ring. If it’s a common question I may blog about it.

In the mean time I’m sure that you’ve seen about a billion wedding photographs by now so here’s something different. Every now and then I set out with my camera in hand and just walk around Boston and shoot for fun. Here’s a few quick shots from one of those shoots.

Cheers, Joe