Really… I can’t stand the things! Static electricity makes them stick to everything and when you’re trying to extract whatever goodie it is from the box you just received these annoying little things are hell bent on not letting you get to your goods without creating an explosion of multi-colored styrofoam! If you do end up spilling them all of the place, cleaning them up is a challenge because it’s nearly impossible to let go of a packing peanut because they’re pre-programmed to stick to people who don’t like them. They’ll go anywhere but where you want them to go. Sometimes I think they’re actually all talking to one another and mocking me. So of course what do I use to pack your DVDs and wedding albums? Packing peanuts! Every time I prepare a box for shipment and carefully rid myself of these pesky little balls of styrofoam I feel incredibly guilty so my apologies in advance! 🙂

This of course begs the question, why would I inflict these insidious little buggers on you, my client? Surely it can’t be considered a humane business practice? “Hey, here’s your wedding photographs… I know you’re really looking forward to seeing them so for my own personal amusement I decided to put a miniature obstacle course inside your package. Don’t rush or you’ll make a mess”. LOL No no no… while it sounds like something Dr. Evil might do, that’s not my motivation. Here’s the reason: I’m always receiving packages with… packing peanuts. This week I ordered a piece of diagnostic equipment and another hard drive tray and of course they came packed to the hilt (in an oversized box… “they” must KNOW I dislike packing peanuts) with those dreaded white and pink static laden balls of mockery. I can’t just throw them out as the tree hugging component of my personality would have me in for a major guilt trip. Instead of throwing them out I save them and reuse them when the need arises.

So, my apologies to you for packing your stuff with packing peanuts. I know paper or bubble wrap would be a more sophisticated way to do things but then I’d have to throw these packing peanuts out and it just doesn’t seem right. If it’s practical, save them for when you need to ship something or if your office has a shipping department, they no doubt have a packing peanut bin. Add yours to their collection!
Cheers, Joe