Congratulations to Meg and Raul!!! I did an engagement session earlier in the year with them on Plum Island and they were a lot of fun so I was looking forward to shooting their wedding. I think I’ve finally made the rounds of the “Harvards”. I’ve shot at Harvard Memorial Church several times (and yes I’ve driven through and pahked my cah in Havahd yahd), I’ve shot at the Harvard Faculty Club, and now the Harvard Club! I must say the Harvard Club ROCKS! Give Carla a shout over there… she’s great! OK… on to the details…

Shoes from “Shoes to Dye For” in Natick, MA (not sure who the designer is… I’m sure Meg will chime in though 🙂 )

The dress was a Paloma Blanca from Vows in Newton.

A little pre-ceremony martial arts. The Ninja bouquets (and the rest of the flowers) are by Donna Fucaloro of Pepperberry’s Flowers in Byfield, MA

Again… the work of Pepperberry’s Flowers. Wait till you see ’em lined up around the cake!!!

Giggly. This pretty much sums up Meg and Raul!

That’s quite the grin!

The Harvard Club! This is a great venue and everyone is so great over there.

Love the colors here. A gorgeous cake and the candles and the flowers just look great. Although I see it every now and then, I don’t often see different bouquets for every bridesmaid and this particular arrangement I thought worked really well!

Yet another FANTASTIC band, the Boston Players.

Dancin’ with Dad

Meg, Raul and the Boston Players gettin’ down!

Rock star post #61!!!

Mmm Mmm Mmm Myyyyyyy Sha ro na (doo Doo doo DOO doo Doot DOOT Doot DOOT Doot DOOT). Definitely a foot tappin’ tune and now I have it stuck in my head (oh yeah, that’s what the band was playing when these shots were taken). On the bright side, if you’re going to have a song stuck in your head that’s a GREAT tune to have stuck in your head. I once had the main theme from Peter and the Wolf stuck in my head for a month and it drove me nuts!

Well that’s just about it for now but one more mention. Meg’s makeup was done by Lisa Mellican who I’ve seen a few times this year and she’s great as well. You can find her at Davis Hairdressing in Newton, MA