Congratulations to Katie and Bob who got married a few weeks ago at The Round Barn in Waitsfield Vermont. Located smack dab in the middle of ski country The Round Barn is located in the lush green mountains of Vermont. The opening shot here isn’t actually located at The Round Barn but it really sets the tone for everything. As I was driving up before the wedding I had to stop the car to grab some shots of this waterfall:

The rehearsal dinner as well as the getting ready took place at The Pitcher Inn in Warren, VT

Check it out folks… that’s the real deal!!!

The ceremony and reception was held at The Round Barn in Waitsfield, VT

The bridesmaids dresses were designed by Ashley Allan of Ashley Allan Designs.

Love the colors here! The catering was by “Cooking From The Heart“.

Bouquet and flowers by Nancy Murray of A Schoolhouse Garden

With all of the exposed wood featured in the construction of the barn, the candles really add to the warmth and cozy vibe of the venue.

Cake by Perrin Williams of Vermont Cake Studio

Katie’s dress was designed by Jenny Lee.


Ya need good tunes to have a good party! Downtown Fever is a Boston based band and they can play pretty much everything and they LOVE to play. I had fun chatting with them during the break, it turns out we all have Berklee College of Music in common. Small world!

One final note… if you’re ever in the area during a new moon and you have a clear sky MAKE SURE you take the time to stop and look up. There’s very little light pollution in the area and the view of the stars is just stunning. You can see the condensed band of the milky. I stopped on the way back to the Inn after the wedding and spotted 3 satellites and 4 meteorites. Also, make sure you stop by Easy Street Cafe and Market for breakfast. You MUST get the homefries. They’re absolutely amazing!!! That’s all folks.