Baby You Can Drive My Car

You’re about to get married! Your Bridesmaids have walked down the aisle, and now it’s that intimate moment right before you walk down the aisle. Just you, your dad, and your limo driver. Your limo driver? Huh? Yes, and this happens quite frequently.

From the limo driver’s point of view, they’re helping you and providing a service. There’s nothing wrong with this per se however, it’s worth noting that your limo driver is going to be in all of your photos from the car to the aisle. If you’d rather have family and friends in those photos, consider that your Maid of Honor or whomever is giving you away can also help you with your dress and open doors. Note that not all limo companies do this. In my experience the ones that have more experience with weddings tend to limit their interaction to driving and opening and closing the car doors for you.