Why aren’t people eating our wedding cake?

Well this seems obvious right, you cut the cake after dinner! DUH! The problem with cutting your wedding cake after dinner is this: you will have a lot of uneaten wedding cake! Here’s a few facts:

Wedding cakes can be expensive
Cake is delicious
Eating cake makes people happy
Your guests should eat the cake
(I am now craving cake… specifically chocolate cake)

So the goal is to get people to eat the cake. First, let’s explain the uneaten cake dilemma. Why does this happen? I have a theory about it and it goes something like this: After the main course has been served and cleared, that’s typically when many couples opt to cut the cake. So, everyone’s done eating, you cut the cake, and then what happens? The band switches over from jazz standards, and tunes from the American songbook (dinner music) over to stuff you can dance to. So, after the cake is cut, people get up out of their chairs and move to the dance floor. As far as the cake is concerned, it’s game over. The catering crew now has to cut, plate, and serve the cake. By the time they get it to the tables EVERYONE is on the dance floor. See the problem? I’d say maybe about 25% of the people (I would be one of them) will say “OH LOOK, CAKE!”, and will go sit down to eat their cake. The other 75% are having too much fun dancing to notice that the cake exists and ultimately, all that cake gets thrown out. Throwing out cake is a terrible tragedy that should never happen… but wait, there’s hope AND a solution!

So what’s the solution? Cut the cake BEFORE the main course is served. WHAT? BLASPHEMY you say!!! Wait, let me explain. Cutting the cake before the main course has two advantages. From the caterer’s point of view they now have more time to cut and plate the cake. While everyone is finishing up the main course, they can now be working on cutting and plating the cake. The advantage of this is that as soon as they clear the table… BANG! The cake can be served before people get up to dance. The end result is a cake-induced euphoria amongst your wedding guests and less cake goes to waste. The second advantage actual relates to photography. If you’ve opted to go with shorter coverage, shooting the cake before the main course usually guarantees that the cake cutting will get photographed before it’s time for me to leave.

So there you have it. Cutting the wedding cake doesn’t take much time, and it’s an easy change to make to your wedding day timeline. It gives the caterers more time to cut and plate the wedding cake allowing them to serve it immediately after the main course before everyone has moved to the dance floor. In a photography package with fewer hours of coverage, it also makes it more likely that the cake cutting will be covered.